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A Skilled Tree Service Contractor

Benefits of hiring a professional Craig's Tree Surgeon 
Qualified and Knowledgeable
A professional tree surgeon is qualified and uses science and technology to improve their practices. Unlike an unqualified 'trimmer' who might be pruning your tree at random, our qualified tree surgeons will use their scientific knowledge of tree anatomy and ecosystems to maintain.

Extensive Experience
If you're considering removing a tree, but want know if it can be saved instead, then our tree surgeons can help. Without hiring a tree surgeon, you may make hasty decisions such as tree removal, tree cutting, or excessive pruning. This could affect the health of the tree and end up costing you more money than if you had just hired a professional. 
Using their extensive experience, our tree surgeons will be able to determine if the tree can be saved or needs to be removed. This will prevent you from making mistakes that could harm the tree's health, which would lead to higher costs for you
Safety and Emergency Services
If a tree has caused damage from fallen branches or poses a safety hazard after a storm then you need to act quickly. Our tree surgeons will identify the areas that need to be pruned, and devise a strategy for the safe removal of a tree if it's required. This will ensure the safety of your property and prevent anyone from being harmed by the hazardous tree. 
Furthermore, factors such as electrical lines must be handled with extreme care.

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We have got more experiences in Tree Felling ( over 15 years ) 
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If you need tree surgeons with the expertise, knowledge, and practical hands-on experience contact CRAIG'S TREE FELLING today. We'll assess your site and give you our best recommendation on how to proceed with tree surgery project.


Our services 

We are professional on the following services:
Tree felling 
Stump removal 
Trimming of branches 
Bush clearances  
Site clearance 
Dumbing of tree refuse 

Tree Removal
This involves the complete removal of a tree. This service might be required because the tree is an obstruction, it's diseased, is impacting another property, or is a health and safety threat. It's a highly involved service that requires a tree surgeon with technical sophistication, expertise and machinery

Tree Pruning
There can be many reasons why a tree might need to be pruned. Common reasons would be to remove deadwood, improve the form or to reduce risk. If you have concerns about your tree we will be happy to make a free assessment and suggest the best course of action.
Tree Pollarding
Pollarding involves the removal of the upper branches of a tree. It promotes a dense head of foliage and is used primarily to keep trees at a predetemined height. This provides an aesthetic benefit of a uniform height if multiple trees are placed in a row.  

Crown Reduction
Crown reduction is a pruning technique used by our tree surgeons to reduce the height and spread of a tree's crown. The extent of reduction may vary with different species. Live branches are selectively removed to achieve this. The end result is a reduction in shade from the tree's foliage or the maintenance of a tree in it's immediate environment.

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